The quickest way for designers to save and find their inspiration.

Screenshot or upload your inspiration, tag it and effortlessly search for it later.

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Tackk - Design Inspiration Tool
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Bring your inspiration together in one place

No need for screenshots on your desktop and folders that you can't later find. With help from our native Mac app, simply screenshot anything you like, tag it and it'll go straight into your boards.

Share with yourself, your team or the world.

Save inspiration to your own personal private boards, share it with your team boards, or share with the world. Teams and world boards are currently in development to be released post-beta.

All in one place

Save your inspiration screenshots into separate boards, all accessible from one place.

Find your Tackks

Easily search for your inspiration by tags and boards. Allowing you to easily find stuff you like later.

Quick screenshots

Using our mac app — screenshot using a simple shortcut, tag and upload automatically.


Save your inspiration for your eyes only, for your team, or share with the rest of the world.

  • Mac App

    Save in less than 5 seconds, just screenshot and tag

  • Find Later

    Find your inspiration later using your tags and boards

  • Boards

    Create multiple custom boards to organise your Tackks

Common Questions

We've been asked a few common questions, here they are.

  • Is the beta free?

    Yes, whilst in beta you are free to create an account and upload as many Tackks as you'd like. You can register here.

  • Do I need the Mac app?

    Nope, the mac app is just an add-on to save you time and ensure you always have quick access to save something you like. You can manually upload inspiration via your account online. You can download the Mac app here.

  • Does the Mac app allow partial screenshots?

    Yes! This was a key specification when we developed the app. Any other tools similar to this, only allow full screen screenshoting. Our app allows you to capture something as small as a button, or the entire screen if you'd like. Basically, anything on your screen you like!

  • Can I share with my team?

    Not just yet. We're working on teams which will be released post-beta. You'll just be able to create private boards right now.

  • When does beta end?

    We have no set date for general release. However, we're envisaging it to be around June 2020.

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Feedback & Help

We're still in beta, so we're quite new.
If you have any questions, or require help — get in touch below.